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This is the way criminals break into Atm / credit card

Jakarta - Police have arrested a man relevant initials F burglary of a bank customer's account. Any evidence had been seized kejahatanya related action. F was arrested in Jakarta, and a number of items seized evidence is now secured by the police. "Money USD 23 million, 2 computers, several types of ATMs, and tools Skimmer," explained Director of Criminal Investigation Body II Police Special Economic Pol King Erizman Brig. I was actually concerned with such events generally they use a kind of social mode engginering or fraud against korbanya I guess it is equally the most still use the old standby like the header of a news. Beware, the EDC machine shops can also 'steal' Data.
"Standby burglary was located at the ATM machine itself is not dependent on the bank or ATM systems together. As long as there is no theft of data, card number and PIN are not divalid, break-ins would never happen, "he said.

As I quoted in "was actually theft ato is not his own destiny" as I said he ... tried to look at the video below gmana means a fraud committed credit card theft. So easy to copy someone else and abusing our fiansial data. so be careful with the environment around us. These tips may be helpful so we do not become victims of abuse of credit card or debit card, too.

* Avoid shopping by using credit card / debit card at merchants who are not convincing. you better cash deal.
* As much as possible do not let the card fall into the hands of others both servants / employees merchant without our supervision. Our better menggesekan card transaction machine.
* Cover the keypad when you press the pin in both the ATM or the merchant.
* I hope all banking services immediately change the existing system of chip cards all of which previously only magnetic tape.
* Replace the pin on a regular basis.
* Better to use a payment processor like paypal when you transact online. or you can also use the VCC facility on your credit card.
* Immediately report to the issuing bank if you feel there was something suspicious in your account to temporarily freeze the credit card / debit your.
* Immediately report the event of loss.

It's just a few of my tips may be deemed incomplete if can add their own.

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