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Tradition of Cockfighting in Bali

Metajen or cockfighting is entertainment that has become a tradition in Bali. Not just a chicken fight, but metajen also invite viewers to bet each other, this is a common event that has happened. Cockfighting winner will receive the money betting after taxes for the cockfighting officials. Chicken is usually given a knife competed in his leg. Chickens that died in the battle will be lost. The complainant chicken commonly called ‘bebotoh’ came from all over the region in Bali. Cockfighting arena is usually happened in Goa Lawah.

Metajen had banned all-out by the local government because it is considered  as a gambling, but there are still people who do it. However, local governments are now allowed back metajen for tourism purposes. Metajen have been made into a tourist attraction and has been incorporated into the tourism schedule and all elements of gambling such as betting money was omitted here. So only metajen as with pure entertainment without gambling. But this still did not rule the people of Bali are still using bets on metajen .

In this cockfighting arena, the  chicken bets was observed his physical condition by the owner of the chicken. Both in terms of food and cleanliness, they even perform a certain ritual to the chicken can win their bets.  In the midle of many the new forms of entertainment that had sprung up, which metajen still a favorite one,  especially in areas or rural outskirts. Metajen usually done at the time after carrying out a particular event. It was metajen so ingrained in the people of Bali. When visiting townships of Bali, we still often see metajen  at  the local community in the area where he lived. The audience cheered supporting stakes chicken.

Yes, metajen can not be removed from the everyday people of Bali. It has become a tradition! Once upon a time I asked one participant of metajen event. What if the you does not do metajen for a month.? He replied, yes just imagine yourself does not have access of  facebook and Internet  for a month. That’s how it feels like I am. ho ho ho ho…

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