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Russia to make new arms offers to Arab states at Dubai Air Show

MOSCOW: Russia will offer a new package of proposals on military-technical cooperation to countries in the Middle East at a major air show in the region, Russia's state arms exporter Rosoboronexport said.

The Dubai Air Show is running on November 15-19 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Over 900 companies from about 50 countries, including 24 Russian firms, take part in the event.

"During the Dubai Air Show 2009 Rosoboronexport will discuss with partners new Russian proposals aimed at strengthening defense capabilities of a number of countries in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula," said Mikhail Zavaliy, the head of the Rosoboronexport delegation at the show.

Zavaliy said Russia would showcase a wide range of combat aircraft, air defense systems and other advanced weaponry at the exhibition.

"The Middle East countries are showing significant interest in the new Russian combat aircraft , including Su-35 Flanker-E, Su-30MK2 Flanker-C, MiG-35 Fulcrum-F multirole fighters, MiG-35, and MiG-29SMT Fulcrum multirole fighters, Yak-130 combat trainer, and various models of Mi and Ka helicopters," the official said.

He added that Russia would prioritize contracts with traditional Middle East partners such as the UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, Iran, Algeria, Libya and Egypt, but would also seek new customers in the region.

Rosoboronexport is planning to sell about $6.5 billion worth of military hardware in 2009, including $2.6 billion worth of combat aircraft.

The company's current defense order portfolio is estimated at $27 billion.

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