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Proteksi SMS dengan SafeTxT

SafeTxT is a wonderful freeware application for Symbian users who use their smartphones to deliver sensitive information. Business users who have a mobile network of clients and/or employees can greatly benefit from SafeTxt. The program ensures complete privacy of your personal data, promising “totally secure your SMSs, contacts, and notes with military strength encryption.”
Military strength encryption? That’s worth checking out!
SafeTxT features include:

* Send and receive encrypted SMSs
* Encrypted contact book
* Built-in safe for personal notes, passwords etc.
* Military strength dual AES+RC4 encryption
* Remotely wipe your phone if it`s stolen
Best of all, it’s free! Download SafeTxT for your Symbian phone here.
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2 Response to Proteksi SMS dengan SafeTxT

Selasa, 22 Desember, 2009

Gk bisa didownload? :(


You don't have permission to access /mirror/s.jar on this server.

Selasa, 22 Desember, 2009

Udah dari servernya forbidden...mungkin sudah harus bayar..hehehe

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