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The Future Battlefield - War in the Future

Many advanced military technologies are on the battlefield in the middle east protecting US and allied troops from harms way. The United States Military is moving to a more mobile fighting force with unmanned aerial vehicles and robots to deploy in dangerous tactical situations. The reconnaissances technologies of the US military and other advanced nations have the ability to plot out enemy positions to a T for unmanned vehicles and stealth aircraft to engage. The future of war will consist of literally thousands of robots and unmanned vehicles tracking and engaging dynamic enemy threats.
Here is a list of just a couple of the technologies changing the battlefield:
  1. Predator and MQ9 Reaper or Predator B
  2. SWORDS - miniature combat robot
  3. Firescout-unmanned aerial vehivle - helicopter
  4. Gladiator-unmanned land Vehicle with munitions
  5. Micr0 - UAV’s such as the Flybot
  6. X-47 - long endurance UAV for reconnaissances
  7. Big dog - Carry ammo and munitions to other Robots
If you think these technologies are incredible, look around for pictures and videos of the most advanced weapons systems in action. (

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1 Response to The Future Battlefield - War in the Future

Senin, 23 November, 2009

Wess...kapan Indonesia tercinta bisa seperti ini? Berharap sesegera mungkin...PPRC, PRCPB, Amankan Perbatasan dan Pulau2 terluar, serta MEF => Quick Wins!

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